DSM cloud stakeholder meeting

In this Digital Single Market Cloud Stakeholder Meeting, the Commission wants to welcome each and every stakeholder active in the European Union with the purpose of interacting with the broadest possible collection of stakeholders. The Meeting will look at the achievements under the European Cloud Strategy, wrap up the work done by the Cloud Select Industry Group and discuss on how to best build on previous key deliverables in order to effectively address cloud-related opportunities and challenges in a rapidly changing environment.

A broad, varied and balanced stakeholder engagement is the main priority for the European Commission to ensure valuable and multi-perspective participation and commitment on the various current and emerging issues along the cloud computing value chain. Therefore the Commission welcomes mainly, but not exclusively, private and public cloud users as well as cloud service providers. 

At the DSM Cloud Stakeholder Meeting the European Commission will present and discuss the way forward to a broad and varied cloud stakeholder platform, and the different participants will have the opportunity to come together, share experiences and discuss in an interactive manner the main workstreams needed to contribute to the development of a European cloud ecosystem and provide input for imminent EU policies in the context of the Digital Single Market.

Detailed Workshop Outline


Opening by the European Commission (Pearse O'Donohue, Acting Director, CNECT.E Future Networks)
Part 1 – Cloud Select Industry Group: takeaways and wrapping-up C-SIG 


Presentations on the achievements and key deliverables of the C-SIG group (each presentation 7 minutes max)
• Code of Conduct (Hans Graux, Timelex)
• Service Level Agreements (Hans Graux, Timelex) 
• Standardisation (Martin Chapman, Oracle)
• Certification (Marnix Dekker, European Commission)


Wrapping-up the Cloud Select Industry Group
• Acknowledgement of work done by C-SIG (Pearse O'Donohue, Acting Director, CNECT.E Future Networks 
• Short recap by C-SIG member (Helmut Fallmann, Fabasoft): 10 minutes max
• Closure of C-SIG (Pearse O'Donohue, Acting Director, CNECT.E Future Networks)


Coffee Break
Part 2 - Cloud as enabler of the Digital Single Market – challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing digital market


Towards an effective engagement of cloud stakeholders in the context of the Digital Single Market mid-term review of May 2017
• Presentation by acting Head of Unit of DGCONNECT E2 Pierre Chastanet


Snapshot presentations on main challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing digital market (Presentations 5 minutes max each in order to animate the break-out discussions to follow between 16:15-17:15) 
• Data portability/switching of cloud providers (Arthur van der Wees, Arthur's Legal)
• Cloud Security and Certification 
o General overview (Leire Orue-Echevarria Arrieta, Tecnalia)
o Trusted Label (DE,FR,NL) (Thomas Niessen, Kompetenznetzwerk Trusted Cloud e.V & Bert Tuinsma, Zekeronline NL)
• Towards a SME-friendly cloud ecosystem 
o EuroCIO: Freddy Van den Wyngaert, EuroCIO
o DIGITAL SME: (Spiros Alexakis, CAC Software)
• Cloud-uptake and challenges: 
o Financial sector: Jesus Lozano, BBVA
o Public sector: Linda Strick, Fraunhofer


Break-out discussions on the challenges and opportunities 
World café set-up with tables on different issues: one round of 30 minutes
• Data portability/switching of cloud providers- how to avoid vendor lock-in and promote a competitive and dynamic market: main table host: IDC/Arthur's Legal 
• Cloud security and certification - trust as the key to take-up: main table hosts: Tecnalia and by Trusted Label (DE, NL)
• Towards a SME friendly cloud ecosystem: table hosts: EuroCio, DIGITAL SME and Fabasoft
• Cloud uptake in the financial sector: table host: Jesus Lozano, BBVA
• Cloud uptake in the public sector: main table host: Linda Strick, Fraunhofer

Short presentations of key insights by table hosts: 7-14 presentations of 1 minutes max
Knowledge sharing and circulation of participants: one round of 10 minutes
Pitches on outcomes by table hosts: 7-14 pitches of 2 minutes max


Conclusions and next steps by the Commission (Pierre Chastanet, Deputy HoU CNECT.E2 Cloud & Software)


Arthur van der Wees

Arthur's Legal, Managing Director

Arthur van der Wees is managing director of internationa tech-by-design strategic and law firm Arthur's Legal, with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices around the globe, founded in 2001. He is senior strategist, lawyer, technologist, standardisation expert, enterpreneur and frequent speaker worldwide, who has indepth experience and is well-connected in the world of technology, data & global business. He is Founding Member of European Commission's Alliance IoT Innovation (AIOTI), Co-Chair of AIOTI WG4 (Policy), Project Leader of AIOTI WG3 Privacy-by-Design task force and Security-by-Design task force, co-author of the EC Cloud SLA Standardisation Guidelines, Cloud Security Alliance's Privacy Level Agreement 2.0, co-contributor to ISO standards such as ISO/IEC 19086, co-author of the IERC Handbook 2016 (Internet of Things), and consortium partner of CREATE-IoT and leading on strategic, security, legal, trust and compliance topics.

Helmut Fallmann


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Fallmann is CEO of Fabasoft AG, a stock corporation founded by him and Leopold Bauernfeind almost 30 years ago.

Helmut Fallmann was a member of the Cloud Select Industry Group, where he was working in the Drafting Team on the Code of Conduct.
Fabasoft is a founding member of the https://eucoc.cloud/en/home/ .

Helmut Fallmann is member of the Management Board of the Federation of Austrian Industry, Upper Austria, President of the Managing Board of the "Upper Austrian Talents" Society for supporting highly gifted students in Upper Austria, and member of the Advisory Board for the Information Technology Cluster of Upper Austria.

In addition to his book “Tackling the Decline: How Digitisation must save Europe” Helmut Fallmann writes a blog called "United Clouds of Europe".

Fallmann is known as a passionate European, his vision incorporates business-related processes running digitally without borders.

Leire Orue-Echevarria

TECNALIA / Cloud Technologies Leader - Project Manager

Dr. Leire Orue-Echevarria graduated as Computer Engineer but she also holds an Executive MBA, a Master Degree in Social Studies with a focus on Economics as well as a PhD in Economics.

She leads the Cloud Technologies research group at TECNALIA since January 2013. The group's research topics include software engineering for multi-cloud app developers and operators, ICT enablers and tools to foster the adoption of Emerging technologies, including cloud computing, in the Public Sector, online privacy on the cloud and transition to cloud computing.

Her professional experience acquired in Spain, Germany and Austria, ranges from different industrial sectors and covering the whole software lifecycle, from requirements elicitation to validation through development, and in the most varied set of applications such as web content management systems, intelligent tutoring systems,railway signaling systems and (multi-)cloud applications.

Martin Chapman


Martin is Director of Standards Strategy and Policy for Oracle EMEA, where he is responsible for promoting Oracle’s open standards and interoperability agenda within Europe.

Throughout his career, Martin has been involved in many standards activities in organisations such as OASIS, W3C, OMG, WS-I, JTC1, ITU-T, and ETSI. He is currently the editor of ISO/IEC 19941 – Cloud Computing Interoperability and Portability.

Martin gained a Ph.D. in Distributed Computing from Oxford Brookes University and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, in 1989.

Freddy Van den Wyngaert

EuroCIO Secretary-General

ExxonMobil Chemical
23 years with ExxonMobil Chemical.
Various Management positions in IT (Infrastructure, Applications) and business (Knowledge Management, Process re-engineering, Business Analyst) in Belgium, France, Europe HQ and US HQ.

Agfa-Gevaert Group
17 years with Agfa-Gevaert Group (since 09/2000 and until January 2017)
Vice President and CIO.

Secretary-General EuroCIO (European network of CIO’s) since January 2017
Digital Advisor