Cross-cutting business models for the Internet of Things

During this session, PwC will publicly disclose the key findings and conclusions of the "Cross-Cutting Business Models for the Internet of Things Study", executed on behalf of DG CONNECT E4 IoT.

In the first part of the session, PwC will present the key findings and conclusions of the Study and discuss the promising areas for cross-cutting IoT activities and their corresponding business models. PwC will furthermore elaborate on the barriers and success factors for organisations to become cross-cutting, such as the importance of alliances. To conclude, PwC will present a set of policy recommendations, based on the challenges businesses face today in the world of IoT. The first part will end with an interactive Q&A session with the audience.

In the second part of the session, PwC will conduct a panel discussion with IoT experts from the PwC EU Network. During this panel discussion, experience and insights on IoT topics such as Security, Industry 4.0, Digital & Emerging Technologies and Social Impact will be shared, followed by Q&A sessions with the audience.

The audience will be able to submit their questions in real time during the presentations, by use of an online application.

Detailed Workshop Outline


Presentation of the results of the 'Study SMART 2016/0027 on Cross-cutting business models for the Internet of Things'.

PwC: Quinten Devreker and Diederik Verzijl


Short break


Panel discussion - interactive disussion, including Q&A from the audience

Krisitna Dervojeda (PwC, Senior Manager)
Bertin Martens (European Commission/JRC, Senior Economist)
Wolfgang Kerber (Philipps University Marburg, Professor)
Raphael Crouan (Startupbootcamp IoT, Founder & CEO)

Diederik Verzijl


Quinten Devreker

PwC – Manager Technology Consulting & Innovation

Quinten is managing Digital Transformation and Innovation at PwC's Technology Consulting services in Belgium. Over the past decade Quinten has built strong expertise in Project Management and Project Assurance, successfully conducting a large series of projects in the financial sector, public sector (NATO, European Commission, European Union, YPTO, AKOV) and utility sector. The past 3 years Quinten was project manager for projects within the ISA² Programme of the European Commission (Community Building Open Source Observatory, Joinup and Sharing & Reuse of IT Solutions) and is currently acting project manager of the "Cross-Cutting Business Models for the IoT Study” (DG CNECT).

Since 2014 Quinten is active as Innovation Manager within the PwC EU Network, stimulating innovative thinking, organising EU Innovation Challenges, and training professionals on the Six Thinking Hats methodology. As of 2017 Quinten is part of the Experience Center programme within PwC EU.

Kristina Dervojeda

PwC - Senior Manager Innovation & Development

Dr. Kristina Dervojeda specialises in policy research in the field of emerging technologies, with a particular focus on skills, and alternative/new forms of education and training. Specific topics of interest include skills for Key Enabling Technologies and leadership skills for high-tech professions. Kristina leads PwC Innovation Research Centre (IRC). She has been involved in various multi-country assignments for the European Commission in a role of Project Manager and Senior Expert. Examples include “Vision and Sectoral Pilot for Skills on Key Enabling Technologies”, for DG GROW, “Study on Skills related to KETs” for DG RTD, and “KETs Observatory Phase II” for EASME/DG GROW of the European Commission. Kristina holds a PhD degree in Innovation Management. Her PhD research focused on social aspects of business-academia collaboration networks in the fields of nano- and biotechnology.

Raphael Crouan

Startupbootcamp IoT - Founder & CEO

Raphael is the Founder & CEO of the Startupbootcamp IoT Program based in London :
With a background in Sales, Marketing & Strategic Business Development (Apple for 14 years / Gemalto), he’s a senior Adviser & Investor in various companies (Undagrid / Beasts of Balance).
He’s been an active speaker in multiple conferences around the world, most recently around IoT & Hardware investments.

He’s also :
* A Founding Board Member & Chair for the SMEs in the AIOTI (Alliance for IoT Innovation) at the European Commission.
* An adviser to MakerWharf, a community of Maker Spaces between London / Palo Alto & China, created by Lord Nat Wei
* A Founding Board Member of the French IoT Think Tank
* A Founding & Advisory Board member of the UK French Tech Hub

@raphcrouan ∣

Diederik Verzijl

PwC - Manager Innovation & Development

Diederik has a background in the scientific analysis of the relationship between government policy and organisational behaviour. At PwC he performs strategic policy research and offer advice on major policy issues for both the European Commission and national governments. Also, he helps complex organizations gauge their transformational challenge and map out a path towards becoming a more innovative organisation.

He specialises in policy and strategy that encourages innovation, economic growth and human capital development. He has assisted international research and business consortia in project development and alliance building. He has been involved in projects on knowledge transfer, commercialisation of innovations, skills development in key enabling technologies, impact of business innovation, the development of technology clusters throughout Europe, and management of large-scale innovation projects. Also, Diederik has co-authored several EU policy studies on these topics.