2027 economy: inspirational speeches

How will the three main sectors of the economy look like in 2027?

Three short back-to-back speeches to inspire you

Nowadays, the digitalization of our economy and society is also transforming the three known sectors of the economy.  A digital evolution of our economy is already taking place; new cross cutting business models and markets arise disrupting the traditional businesses. We see the three main sectors of the economy blurring. This evolution affects not only the way we do business but also changes our economy, society and lifestyle.

This session, via inspiring talks, seeks to give an idea of how the three main sectors of the economy would look like in 2027. For example, are we going to still talk about three main sectors of the economy in ten years from now? Do we already need to reset our business mind-set and our economy to adapt to the changes? Using a few examples the speakers will try to shed light on what the sectors of the economy would look like in a hyper-connected world in 2027 and how people could grasp such change as an opportunity.


Charlie Kindel

Amazon - Smart Home

As Director, Smart Home, Charlie Kindel leads product development for the Smart Home capabilities of Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo and other devices.

Prior to joining Amazon in 2013, Kindel founded several startups in the Seattle area. Kindel also served for 21 years at Microsoft, where he shipped Internet Explorer, Windows NT, Windows home networking, Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server, and Windows Phone 7.

Kindel is a graduate of the University of Arizona, and holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering

Nikos Manouselis

Agroknow, CEO

Nikos is a co-founder and the CEO of Agroknow, a company that since 2008 finds, connects and delivers agriculture and food information worldwide. He is an Electronics & Computer Engineer with a PhD on agricultural information management. Nikos has extensive experience in designing and coordinating large scale initiatives that combine, manage, and visualize agriculture and food data in a variety of sector-specific applications. He is interested in the opportunities and challenges that will arise within a global data ecosystem for agriculture and food.

Geoff Pegman

R U Robots Limited, Managing Director

Geoff Pegman is the Managing Director of R U Robots, a company he founded in 2003. As well as developing advanced robotic systems for a variety of industries for almost 30 years Geoff has also been instrumental in spinning out another 6 hi-tech companies.

Geoff is also a Board member of SPARC (the private side of the European Robotics PPP) as well performing a number of other roles including being a member of the CONNECT Advisory Forum, a member of the UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems SIG Executive and Vice-President of the International Advanced Robotics Programme.