EU-US session on next generation internet

The session will focus on a research agenda for future collaboration between EU and US. The initiative is supported by DG CONNECT and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

In the first part of the workshop researchers from US and EU will give scientific presentations related to the US initiative "Beyond the Internet" and the EU initiative "Next Generation Internet" (NGI). Scientific presentations from both US and EU will also be made on Advanced Wireless Platforms. 

In the second part of the workshop the four Chair persons from the preparatory work will present a strategic research agenda. The preparatory work has been done by two groups of leading researchers with the objective to give their proposals for collaboration between EU and US on NGI including experimentation and Advanced Wireless Platforms.
A representative from Industry will give his thoughts about future challenges. 

Detailed Workshop Outline


presentations NGI
one presentation from US and one from EU:
Jack Brassil and 
John Domingue, Trust and decentralisation on NGI: A liflong learning perspective


presentation Wireless Platforms
one presentation from US and one from EU:
Edward Knightly Urban Sensing and Wireless Backhaul and 
Joerg Widmer, Milimeter Wave Networking Challenges.




conclusions /outcome from Workshop in the domain of NGI and Wireless

Chairpersons from the preparatory work: 
Piet Demeester, Peter Steenkiste, Serge Fdida, Ivan Seskar, 

Future challenges: Erik Ekudden, Ericsson 




John Domingue

Director Knowledge Media Institute, The Open Unviersity

I will present the outcomes of a the EU-US Session on the Next Generation Internet experimentation. The exact topics are to be decided but may include: - privacy and trust enhancing technologies; infrastructure and experimentation; distributed ledgers (incl. blockchains) and (distributed) artificial intelligence.

Chip Elliott

Raytheon BBN Technologies / Chief Technology Officer

Chip Elliott is Chief Technology Officer at Raytheon BBN Technologies, Adjunct Professor at Dartmouth College, a Fellow of the AAAS, ACM, and IEEE, and an active inventor holding over 90 patents. He is active in Future Internet research, and served as the first GENI Project Director. Mr. Elliott has served on many national panels and has held visiting faculty positions at Tunghai University in Taiwan and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Ivan Seskar

WINLAB, Rutgers University, Associate Director

Ivan Seskar is Associate Director at WINLAB, Rutgers University responsible for experimental systems and prototyping projects. Ivan has unique expertise and a proven track record in the design, development and operations of wireless/network/cloud testbeds currently being used by the NSF research community. He is currently PI for NSF GENI Wireless project which resulted in campus deployments of LTE/WiMAX base stations at several US universities, and for the NSF CloudLab deployment at Rutgers. He has also been co-PI and project manager for all three phases of the NSF-supported ORBIT mid-scale testbed project at WINLAB, successfully leading technology development and operations since the testbed was released as a community resource in 2005 and for which the team received the 2008 NSF Alexander Schwarzkopf Prize for Technological Innovation. Ivan is a Senior Member of the IEEE and co-chair of the IEEE 5G Testbed WG, member of ACM and co-founder and CTO of Upside Wireless Inc.


UPMC Sorbonne University

Serge Fdida is a Professor with UPMC Sorbonne Universités since 1995.
His research interests are related to the future internet as well as the design of federated testbeds to support experimentally driven research. He has been leading many research projects in High Performance Networking in France and Europe, notably pioneering the European activity on federated Internet testbeds. He is currently leading the Equipex FIT, a large-scale testbed on the Future Internet of Things. Serge Fdida has published numerous scientific papers, in addition to a few patents and one rfc. He is a Distinguished ACM Member and an IEEE Senior member.
Serge Fdida has also developed a strong experience related to innovation and industry transfer, - he was the Director of EURONETLAB, a joint laboratory established in 2001, together with Thales, - the co-founder of the Qosmos company, - one of the active contributor to the creation of the Cap Digital cluster in Paris. He has been appointed Vice-President Eu

Joerg Widmer

IMDEA Networks, Research Professor and Research Director

Joerg Widmer is Research Professor as well as Research Director of IMDEA Networks in Madrid, Spain. His research focuses on wireless networks, ranging from extremely high frequency millimeter-wave communication and MAC layer design to mobile network architectures. From 2005 to 2010, he was manager of the Ubiquitous Networking Research Group at DOCOMO Euro-Labs in Munich, Germany, leading several projects in the area of mobile and cellular networks. Before, he worked as post-doctoral researcher at EPFL, Switzerland on ultra-wide band communication and network coding. He was a visiting researcher at the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, CA, USA and University College London, UK. Joerg Widmer authored more than 150 conference and journal papers and three IETF RFCs, holds 13 patents, serves on the editorial board of IEEE Transactions on Communications, and regularly participates in program committees of several major conferences. He was awarded an ERC consolidator grant

Piet Demeester

Ghent University - imec, Prof.

Piet Demeester is professor at Ghent University and director of the IDLab department at imec. Research activities include distributed intelligence in IoT, machine learning and data mining, semantic intelligence, cloud and big data infrastructures, fixed networking, wireless networking, electromagnetics and high-frequency design. He is co-author of over 1000 international publications, Fellow of the IEEE and holder of an advanced ERC grant. He currently leading the Fed4FIRE+ H2020 project.

Jack Brassil

Program Director, US National Science Foundation

Dr. Brassil is currently a Senior Scholar (on leave) in the Department of
Computer Science at Princeton University. He is currently serving as a Program Director
at the U.S. National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA. He is responsible for various programs
including NeTS and the CISE Mid-scale Research Infrastructure portfolio, including NSFCloud,
and the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI).

Previously he was a Distinguished Technologist and Program Manager at HP Laboratories.
Before joining HP he held multiple research positions at Bell Laboratories
in Murray Hill and Holmdel, NJ. Dr. Brassil is an IEEE Fellow.