Future Internet Forum - invitation only

The H2020 Future Internet Forum (FIF)

The FIF is a registered group which aims to exchange views on H2020 topics relating to "Future Networks" (5G, Cloud, Next-Generation Internet and IoT). The members of this group have been appointed by the respective National Authorities of the Member States and Associated Countries.

This meeting will be dedicated to the Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI). NGI needs to be firmly anchored in the Member States as this is where the initiative will ultimately be shaped and brought forward.

Detailed Workshop Outline

We would like to use this meeting to follow up the FIF-NGI Action Plan. The main elements of this Action Plan are the following:

1. Nominate a NGI contact point in your country

2. Stakeholder Mapping in your country. Actors do not necessarily have to be consortia and can be individuals.A map created by HUB4NGI is now available: https://map.hub4ngi.eu/ and will be presented by HUB4NGI in this meeting.

3. NGI workshops in your country should bring together the relevant NGI communities (young researchers, high tech start-ups, civil society representatives and other groups that can provide valuable input to the process of shaping the next generation internet).