New cloud services and software for the Digital Single Market (invitation only)

Concertation meeting of H2020 projects from unit "Cloud and software"

With trusted and interoperable services essential for a thriving Digital Single Market, projects need a clear understanding of the cloud market and the supply chains within it. This workshop identifies the direction market players need to take to make cloud a trusted and resilient commodity that can enable innovation in Europe.
With the market in mind, participants will also come together in a series of thematic break-out sessions to identify future priorities for interoperability and security standardisation efforts. With a wealth of expertise and project assets emerging from R&I efforts, projects need to step-up efforts to actually take results to market. We’ll showcase best practices and highlight key lessons on how projects can map technology readiness levels to market readiness levels in line with exploitation plans or plans for commercial viability of project outputs.
With the EC clusters meeting during the Concertation meeting and a strong presence from the EC, all projects in Unit E2 "Cloud and Software" are expected to be represented at this meeting.

Detailed Workshop Outline


Registration & Networking Coffee


Towards a resilient and trusted cloud market – What the market needs
Reducing frictions between cloud buyers and sellers, and building trust in the Digital Single Market is essential. The cloud offers opportunities galore in terms of launching innovative solutions on the market. In this session, we set the scene for a resilient cloud market, and discuss the value of services that lead to greater trust and uptake of cloud.

Chair: Nicholas Ferguson, Trust-IT Services & CloudWATCH2 Coordinator


Welcome and a perspective from the EC
Pierre Chastanet, Acting Head of Unit, Cloud and Software


A roadmap towards a resilient and trusted European cloud market
James Mitchell, Strategic Blue & CloudWATCH2


Market & Technology Readiness - Getting from Project to Product
This session intends to bring together selected EC funded projects that have already compiled a service offering as part of their intended legacy, and will end soon, with SMEs that are looking for innovations that are or soon will be ready to be brought to the market. CloudWATCH2 has worked with a select group of projects for analysing their product and service portfolio for market readiness, and map these onto similar projects in a larger cloud landscape for signposting cloud standards profile development, supporting projects on the technical level. We have also supported these projects in their analysis and their solutions’ market potential and, where attractive, to undertake the first steps in capitalising on these assets.
The goals are to help these projects pitch their idea, build a business model canvas session, develop a business case starting with the end user problem being addressed, advice on packaging the ‘big idea’ and enabling the cross pollination of ideas for business models between projects as a source of valuable feedback.
Feedback will be provided for the following things:
· Pitching & Communication
· Commercial Potential
· Business Models
· Go To Market Strategy
· Funding Strategies
· Online Media
· Tools & Planning

Participating Projects:
CLARUS - Gennaro Fontanarosa, Trust-IT Services
EU-BRA BigSEA - Ignacio Blanquer, Polythecnical University of Valencia
COLA - Tamas Kiss, Westminster University
MUSA - Erkuden Rios, Tecnalia Research & Innovation


Minute Madness
One-minute flash talks from all new projects funded under calls:
ICT-06-2016: ACTiCLOUD (Nectarios Koziris) CloudDBAppliance (Jacques Cayuela), CloudPerfect (Paolo Fabriani), COLA (Tamas Kiss), DITAS (David Garcia Perez), LightKone (Peter Van Roy), MELODIC (Geir Horn), mF2C (Ana Maria Juan Ferrer), PrEstoCloud, RECAP (Lutz Schubert), RESTASSURED (Paul Mundt), UNICORN
ICT-10-2016: COEMS (Martin Leucker), CROSSMINER (Philippe Krief), DECIDE (Leire Orue-Echevarria Arrieta), ELASTEST (Francisco Gortázar), OPENREQ (Luis Ballester), Q-RAPIDS, STAMP (Benoit Baudry)


Networking break


Achievements and New Directions for the EC Clusters
This session will see the continuation of the EC Clusters on Cloud Computing. Newly-funded projects will be invited to present their objectives and identify how they can contribute to the already active clusters in 4 break-out sessions. The session will also showcase the achievements of the clusters since their launch and focus on revising objectives based on the activities of new projects and EC expectations.
Chair: David Wallom, University of Oxford & CloudWATCH2


When is it optimal to find relevant prior art and possible collaboration for your projects?
David Wallom, University of Oxford & CloudWATCH2


Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud
MUSA - Erkuden Rios, Tecnalia Research & Innovation & Cluster Chair
SERECA & SECURECLOUD - Daniel Lucani Rötter, AARHUS University & CEO of Chocolate cloud
EUBrasilCloudFORUM - Moacy Martucci Jr., University of São Paulo, Brazil


Software Engineering for Services and Applications
DICE - Elisabetta Di Nitto, Politecnico di Milano
HyVar - Cristina Chesta, Reply
SWITCH - Carmen Bobeanu, Beia Consulting


Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues
Mf2C - Ana Juan Ferrer, ATOS
BEACON Project - Philippe Massonet, CETIC
CloudSocket - Robert Woitsch, BOC


Novel approaches and technologies for resource and service management
Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara & Cluster projects

Wrap up & calls to actions for the Clusters
David Wallom, University of Oxford & CloudWATCH2 & Cluster chairs


Concertation meeting close & Lunch


EC Cluster break-out sessions
Software Engineering for Services and Applications
Room: River 1
Chair: Elisabetta Di Nitto, Politecnico di Milano & DICE

Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues
Room River 2
Chair: Ana Juan Ferrer, ATOS & Mf2C


Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud
Room River 3
Chair: Erkuden Rios, Tecnalia & MUSA

Novel approaches and technologies for resource and service management - Room
River 6
Chair: Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara

Thomas Niessen

Managing Director Kompetenznetzwerk Trusted Cloud

Since January 2016 Thomas Niessen holds the position of Managing Director of the Kompetenznetzwerk Trusted Cloud under patronage of the German Ministry of Economics and Energy. The Kompetenznetzwerk issues the Trusted Cloud Label which comprises criteria in the domains of IT Security, Privacy Compliance, Functionality/Interoperability, Operations and contractual framework Previously he managed some of the largest German innovation programs (Internet of Services/Cloud) and was Vice President of a software company specialized in information retrieval/Big Data.