Interoperability, Benchmarking & Experimentation
  • From Experimentation to Testing and Validation to Standardisation – Jorge Pereira, European Commission (presentation)
  • SDO perspective on Interoperability – Patrick Guillemin, ETSI (presentation)
  • What do SMEs need? Antonio Jara, HOP Ubiquitous (presentation) - Chiara Petrioli, WSense - Robin Leblon, nCENTRIC (presentation)
  • Benchmarking – Ingrid Moerman, iMinds (presentation)
  • Testbed as a Service: a paradigm shift – Sébastien Ziegler, Mandat Intl. (presentation)
Global Experimentation for Future Internet (GEFI) Brazil – EU – Japan – US collaboration
Opportunities for collaboration from the funding authorities perspectives
  • Per Blixt, European Commission (EU) (presentation)
  • Jack Brassil, National Science Foundation (US) (presentation)
  • Nozomu Nishinaga, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan) (presentation)
  • Michael Anthony Stanton, Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa (Brazil) (presentation)

Challenges and way forward for global experimentation
  • State of the play of the FIRE/GENI collaboration – Piet Demeester (iMinds, Belgium) (presentation) / Chip Elliott (BBN, US) (presentation)
  • Aki Nakao (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan) (presentation)
  • Tom Lehman (Univ. of Maryland/Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (UMD/MAX), US) (presentation)
  • Iara Machado (National Research and Educational Network – RNP, Brazil) (presentation)
  • Mattias Vanhoutte (Televic company, Belgium) (presentation)
Sharing Economy
  • Prof. Francesca Bria Imperial College London and NESTA (presentation)
  • Dr Francesco Saverio Nucci ENGINEERING (presentation)
  • Dr Mayo Fuster Morell, Universidad Autonoma Barcelona (presentation)
  • Dr Harry HALPIN W3C (presentation)
  • George Danezis UCL (presentation)
5G vision and roadmap to key standards
Free Flow of Data
  • Gabriella Cattaneo, IDC Italia– contractor Data Market Study – SMART 2013/0053 (presentation
  • Daniel Spichtinger (DG RTD) – expert to talk about the study “2015 Open Access National Points of Reference report on Open Access in the European Research Area” (presentation presentation)
  • Arthur van der Wees (Arthur’s Legal Law Firm, lawyer)
  • Prof. Dr. Doris Wedlich –research manager at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Member of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Council
  • Mark Lange, Microsoft
  • Mike Edwards, Microsoft
Free Boosting Entrepreneurship through R&I
  • FIWARE in the market: positioning and offering in 2016 (Nuria de Lama, Atos) (presentation)
  • The power of the FIWARE Acceleration programme: stats, data and lessons learnt! (IDC – Research Director) (Richard Stevens, presentation)
  • Jaume Gelada (UBIKWA SYSTEMS) (presentation)
  • Wouter Vandenneucker (Cr3do) (presentation)
  • Pieter-Jan Vandendriessche (Tripodmaker) (presentation)
  • Piotr Pawalowski ( (presentation)
  • David E. Pajares de Santiago (AvioniCS) (presentation)
  • Carlos Callejero (Sensowave) (presentation)
  • FIWAREFIWARE Open Source Community (Carlos Ralli, Telefonica) (presentation)
  • FIWARE Foundation (Lanfranco Marasso, Engineering) (presentation)
  • FIWARE for Smart Cities: The Open and Agile Smart Cities Alliance (Martin Brynskov, OASC chair) (presentation)
  • FIWARE Mundus (Jacques Magen, FI-LINKS) (presentation)
IoT Standardisation
  • Jari Arkko (IETF Chairman + Ericsson) (presentation)
  • Konstantinos Karachalios (IEEE SA Managing Director) (presentation)
  • Patrick Guillemin (AIOTI WG 3 Chairman + ETSI) (presentation)
  • Omar Elloumi (oneM2M Technical Plenary chair + Nokia) (presentation)
Software as a Driver to Maximise Growth Potential
  • Professor Elisabetta Di Nitto, Politecnico di Milano (presentation)
  • The economic impact of software & services on competitiveness and innovation, Frank Niemann, Vice-President Software & SaaS Markets, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) GmbH (presentation)
  • Innovation Potential of Software Technologies in the context of Horizon 2020, Mike Hinchey, Director at Lero-the Irish Software Research Centre and Professor of Software Engineering, University of Limerick (presentation)
  • How to Improve the Current State Open Source and business models, Cédric Thomas, CEO, OW2 (presentation)
  • The era of the developer has come, Xavier Poisson, Vice-President, HPE (presentation)
Digital Skills Gap in ICT Technologies

  • Overview of the Skills Gap for ICT professional – Werner Korte, Director of Empirica (presentation)
  • Digital transformation, emerging ICT innovation and the impact on ICT skills – Gabriella Cattaneo – Associate Vice President, IDC (presentation)
  • Adressing the skills Gap in networking Industry – Piotr Pluta, Director Corporate Affairs – EMEA, Cisco Systems (presentation)
  • Use of experimentation or Learning – FORGE Project, Alexander Mikroyannidis (presentation)
  • Christian Zahorski-Philippe, Head of Sales, Pan EU – AWS Public Sector at Amazon Web Services (presentation)