Development of common Architecture and Open Platforms by IoT/FIWARE Communities
  • How to propose your enablers to build future IoT platforms: the Butler case – Thierry Nagellen (presentation)
  • The end-user perspective – Joaquín Cabezas (presentation)
  • Presentation of the Open Platforms portal – Bertrand Copigneaux (presentation)
  • From IoT systems to IoT eco-systems – An Intel perspective – Alex Gluhak (presentation)
  • Great ideas, big data and little privacy? – Bart Preneel (presentation)
Network Applications – how to unleash the full innovation-potential of SDN and NFV

  • Network Softwarisation: an Open Development Eco-system – Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez (presentation)
  • Evolving for NFV transformation – Erez  Biton (presentation)
  • Enabling rapid and adaptive network applications deployment – Anastasios Zafeiropoulos (presentation)
  • Network apps: evolution from specialized technology to mainstream programming – Luc Provoost (presentation)
  • Is a marketplace for Net Apps realistic business perspective? – Georgios Xilouris (presentation)
  • Network business, challenges and solutions – Kay Reer (presentation)
Open Source
  • How Openness Impacts Scientific Collaboration and Innovation - Nicolas Devos (presentation)
  • Achieving impact with Open Source Software: from theory to practice - Roberto Di Cosmo (presentation)
  • Open Source Software: the Governance Makes the Difference - Cédric Thomas (presentation)
  • Driving economic prosperity through innovation and sovereignty - Georg Greve (presentation)
Connected Smart Cities
Start and grow your business with FIWARE
  • First stop: FIWARE, the Open Platform that will boost your business (presentation) Why you should change to FIWARE? (Nuria de Lama, Atos, FIWARE) 
  • Second stop: FIWARE accelerator programme stats and data! (Gabriella Cattaneo , IDC, FI-IMPACT) (presentation)
  • Mahesh Casiraghi (CoffeeStrap) (presentation)
  • Joel Vera Cruz Preto Paulo (ETConcept) (presentation)
  • Andrés Macías (usheru, Registered as We Love Cinema Limited) (presentation)
  • Mirko Ross (digital worx GmbH) (presentation)
  • Michael Bak (Onomondo) (presentation)
  • Karel Charvat (Wireless Info) (presentation)
  • Mr. Sergio Carrera Riva Palacio (Director General of INFOTEC, Mexico) (presentation)
Startup Europe
  • Overall presentation of the Startup Europe Initiative - Emilio Corchado – Coordinator of WELCOME Project (presentation)
  • Connecting local entrepreneurial hubs (presentation)
Turning Ideas into Business: SEP Investors Forum