STARTS Exhibition
(curated by Martine-Nicole Rojina) 

During the two days of Net Futures 2017 we create an immersive and constantly changing exhibition about the present state and the future of artistic and tech cooperation.

The exhibition will highlight the fashion-tech collaboration between Martine-Nicole Rojina and Jasna Rok, the first Belgian FashTech design studio.

"The Futures of Works" showcases the result of the Transmedia Design course held by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico at ISIA Florence, in collaboration with Nefula - Near Future Design Studio: a series of design fiction under the form of immersive video and "pretotypes" to expolore the transformation of work.

A quadrophonic soundscape presents inner thought monologues of future beings written by Prof. Dr. Mark Coeckelbergh, chair on philosophy at the University of Vienna.

Two immersive live performances, Body Quake (Art Is Open Source, Francesca Fini, Neuromed, AVNode) and All_Che_Me(Martine-Nicole Rojina, Marcello Giannandrea, Francesco Cigana, Federico Bragetti, Guida Inês Maurício, José Andrés Cordova Alvear, Jasna Rokegem) feature the powerful synergy of science, technology and art.

See Starts-session

Salvatore Iaconesi | What happened when I open-sourced my brain cancer | TED talk
Martine-Nicole Rojina | Why waves make sense to me | immersive TEDxGhent talk
Jasna Rok | Fashion as an interface to the digital dimensions | Fashion Tech Berlin talk